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Making morning fun....

Written on April 8, 2008 by Kevin.

Anyone you ask will tell you that I am typically a pretty cheap frugal kind of guy. I tend to put a lot of thought into purchases which can drive my wife nuts. What I do however like to do is surprise my wife and kids with something unique that I find quite amazing.

Welcome the dual cereal dispensers. Yes, the same idea that they have at hotels throughout the world, we can now dispense our cereals at the turn of a wheel. It can hold two boxes of cereal which is great for letting Rylan choose what he would like that day while getting a full view of it. I purchased this item during one of the JCPenny online sales. It had been atleast a year but just recently we cracked it open and began using it. We can now ask Rylan which cereal he would like in the morning and then he waits patiently at the table as we get it ready.

The reason I bought this item was that I thought it would be fun for the kids to get their own cereals ready in the morning when they get old enough to do so. Sure they could probably learn to get it out of the bag but I think the dispenser should help with those big potential messes that a bag can sometimes do, plus it's just fun.

The dispenser seems to do a good job at keeping the cereal fresh. The bottom is kept airtight (?) by using a flexible rubber wheel which also helps guide the cereal out. This does come at a price however as it can sometimes crush up the cereal. Despite the picture showing so, I might be a bit cautious about using flake cereals in this. We go through cereal fast enough that we have not noticed any problems with the cereal freshness so far.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with my random purchase. I would recommend it to other families who want to let their kid have a choice which cereals to go with in the morning. Rylan sure seems to get a kick out it.


Uncross "cheap" :)

Written by FordPrefect on Apr 10, 2008

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