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Week in Review

Written on April 4, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Friday is here so now Kaitlyn and I can sit back and relax for the weekend. Well I guess we do that all of the time so it's really no different. At least my mom and dad get a slight break.

This weekend we are having my grandparents come over to help paint the house downstairs. My mom and dad just about finished up our room painting and it sure looks neat. We don't want to ruin the surprise so we aren't going to mention anymore of it for now. We will get to hang out with grandma while my dad and grandpa are downstairs painting the walls and inhaling the nasty smelling paint. Yuck.

Kaitlyn has decided to wean herself from feeding from my mom. She did as good of a job as I did when I was little like her. She is doing super good eating her baby food now but we are running into more things that she is allergic to it seems.

As for me, I am learning to jump. I want to be able to fly like Peter Pan so jumping is the first step to that. I am finally able to get a tiny bit off the ground but it sure gives me a boost of confidence and excitement. I am going to impress my grandma and grandpa with my new skill when they come by.

Speaking of new things, my grandma and mom helped me learn how to play Mario Party on the Wii. I know a couple of the buttons to push and how to shake it real good. I still have a bit of learning to do before I can bowl a few frames or hit a hole in one on golf. I need to practice because next weekend we are having the family over to play Wii.

I think that is going to wrap it up. Have a good weekend.


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