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Week in Review

Written on April 11, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

It has been a big week for Kaitlyn. She has now weened herself off feeding from our mom and now is eating only baby foods and having a few bottles of formula. She is doing really really well drinking it and does a great job holding up her bottle even though it is glass. I am very proud of her.

I know my dad wrote a post about Fresh & Easy this week but I just want to say how much I like it as well. We are preparing for a party this weekend so we have been heading in there a lot this week. Each time, I get to sample a few goodies such as cookies, crackers and even juices. Yummy yum yum. I did get yelled at though because I got on top of one of the scales they use at the check outs. Mom wasn't very happy with me either.

Our mom put us in our new bathing suits today and that was a blast. Kaitlyn has the cutest purple bikini ever. I have some wicked cool red Cars shorts. We can't wait until we can go to the pool at our grandma's house. I think my mom is going to try and sign us up for swimming lessons which will be pretty neat.

We headed over to the park the other day while the temperatures are still bearable here. In fact it was a nice day with a bit of a breeze. Kaitlyn had a blast riding the swing while I ran around going down the slides. I like going Peter Pan style which is going face first. It's exciting! My dad showed me how to do pull ups on the bars. He's a macho guy. I tried to hold myself on the bars too but only lasted a few seconds. I sure looked cute doing it though.

Oh, our cousin Jenna came into town the other day and we got a chance to hang out with her at Chuck E. Cheese. We went around playing all of the games and winning a bunch of tickets. We had a yummy pizza to go along with it. It was fun to see her again.

I think that's it for now. We are still preparing for our party on Sunday. It's a Wii Party! I get to show off my new Wii playing skills to the whole family. We are going to have some super good food as well. We can't wait.


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