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Week in Review

Written on April 18, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Welcome to another week in review.

The big news this week was that our grandma was in the hospital this week. We have gone to see her the past few days lately to help cheer her up. Kaitlyn and I both were a bit scared to give her hugs and kisses. My mom asked me why I was scared to see grandma and I told her it was because of her hair. Her hair was all crazy from being in bed and from coming out of surgery. My mom thought it was pretty funny.

Kaitlyn seems to have stopped her quest to walk and has since decided to move towards talking. If you listen carefully, she has said mama and dada a few times. I know my dad is pretty happy because I didn't say dad for many many months after I said mama. Soon she will be picking up words as fast as I am.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, that little rascal keeps trying to steal my breakfast cereal. The other day she stole my Kix and was eating them. Luckily she doesn't seem to be allergic to them which is great. I guess I don't mind sharing them with her as long as she doesn't take them all and of course she needs to stay away from my milk.

Kaitlyn's 9 month doctor appointment went well. She is doing good it looks like except she is still a tiny little girl. My mom and dad are trying to beef her up but it's a slow process. Now that she is drinking formula though I think she may get bigger faster. She definitely seems happier now that she is drinking formula. I think it fills her tummy up more than milk from my mom.

Our other Grandma and Grandpa headed off to Seattle for the summer. In fact, they will be gone for about 5 months this year. We are definitely bummed about it but luckily they are coming back for a few visits. I don't blame them for leaving though because it get's super hot here in Arizona and my dad says it's really nice in the summer time in Washington. They sure are lucky. We will be heading out of town soon as well when we head up to Disneyland again. I guess we are pretty darn lucky as well.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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