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Disneyland 2008 Recap

Written on May 5, 2008 by Kevin.

Another great visit to Disneyland. We headed out their this time in celebration of Kaitlyn's upcoming Birthday. We originally planned to go closer to her Birthday but quickly realized that would have been July 4th weekend. Fighting off the heat and the crowds would have been terrible. Unfortunately for us though, California this visit was in the middle of an unusual heat wave. Lucky us.

We headed to the park on Sunday and quickly after walking into the park, Rylan spotted Mickey and from then on, he was in excitement mode. We rode our usual rides including the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion which are always fun. I noticed that on this visit that Rylan, for the first time, really showed a bit of fear when it came to the rides. He white knuckled some of the rides, where he had never done so before. He had a blast riding the cars at Autopia. I push the gas while I let him drive. As expected, we near died with his temporary hands off the wheel driving. He has a bit of learning to do but it made a great video.

We went back on Monday to find a huge amount of people waiting to get in. Monday is typically a quiet day at the park but I think because of the heat, people tried to get their early. The park thinned out as the day went on. Kaitlyn really began showing interest this day as she got to visit a couple of the characters and give them kisses. She commonly was trying to suck on or lick the noses of the characters. Rylan did well with meeting the characters, a bit shy at first but quickly warmed up and posed for a picture. Rylan went on his first actual roller coast in Toon Town. Despite just waking up from a nap and having to wait in the hot sun, he loved the actual ride. Again, he showed a bit of fear but came off the ride loving it.

The kids absolutely loved the tea cup ride. It was my job to get it up to top spinning speed and the kids just tried to hold their lunch down. Kaitlyn and Rylan were both laughing. We ended up going on that ride a few more times.

We made sure to visit California Adventure to see the Electrical Light Parade. I had not seen this parade since I was very young myself and wife had never seen it. It was just like I had remembered and they did a good job at throwing the characters in their as well. The kids seemed to like it as well.

Overall the Disneyland trip was a great one. The heat was rough but we fought through it. We ended the visit by staying as long as we could on Monday just trying to take in the atmosphere. That is one of the big things that Disneyland does exceptionally well. It makes you forget about the rest of the world and makes you never want to leave. It is always hard for me to tell the kids that we need to leave and that it will be a bit before we are able to come back.


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