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Lesson learned.

Written on May 7, 2008 by Kevin.

Rylan for months now has been trying to master the art of jumping. This can go from an exaggerated tippy toe action or sometimes he gets one foot off the ground but the other stays planted. In his quest for gravity domination, he learned the other day an important lesson. What goes up, must come down. He made an attempt at jumping while we visited a store the other day and unfortunately has a bruise to show for it now. He made the tiniest jump and then fell to the floor, banging his nose along the way. Tears and blood were on the way.

He immediately sported a tiny bruise on his nose but luckily no apparent breakage. After a bit of mom holding him and a few kisses to the nose he was feeling better. When my wife asked him later in the car how his nose was, he cupped his nose and said broken. Luckily for him it was not but we certainly got a kick out of him saying it was.


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