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Week in Review

Written on May 2, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another great week has come to an end. What an exciting week we had in California. We stopped by the big dinosaurs on our way up to Disneyland. Those dinosaurs are awesome looking and I definitely recommend everyone that's passing by, to stop.They are definitely worth checking out. We are glad that they are adding to it and hopefully that means it will be around for many many years to come. They have a gift shop inside the belly of the brontosaurus!

Knotts Berry Farm as our dad mentioned wasn't that great. I did get to ride on a few big kid rides which was great. The rest of the visit we just walked around looking for something fun. Unfortunately there was nothing. So we headed out quickly..

Disneyland as you can imagine was a blast. Kaitlyn and I had so much fun going on the rides. It took Kaitlyn a bit to warm up but by the second day, she was laughing so much. She loved those teacups. More on this next week..

Last night we checked out a new restaurant. You may have heard about them on the Food Network and other widespread media but we just had never gone until now. It's a hole in the wall place called Chino Bandido. They are a mix of Chinese and Mexican foods served side by side. A very interested concept that is mighty tasty. Dad said his 2 types of chicken with refried beans and chicken fried rice went perfect together. Who would have thought?

We are wrapping the week up by going to our first craft show tomorrow. Mom has been working super hard trying to get as many bows completed as possible. Dad is even trying to help as well but he really isn't up to par. Some things you just have to let mommies do.

Have a good weekend. More vacation coverage to come next week..


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