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Week in Review

Written on May 9, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

We started off last weekend by going to our first craft show. It was a tiny show with tiny expectations. The traffic was extremely slow, like half a dozen people in 6 hours slow. My dad thinks we did the best though which is great. Despite there being no customers, the other vendors loved my moms bows and she ended up selling a few of them. Me and Kaitlyn stuck around to help mom. It was fun being there for 6 hours, just not for mom and dad who had to chase me around. There was a water fountain and vending machine that I couldn't get enough of. I was attracted to those things like a moth to a light. Kaitlyn did super great though and did a bit of bow modeling as well.

Yesterday, my dad showed a picture of Kaitlyn looking super cute in her new tutu. Those are something new that my mom is working on to sell along with her massive bow assortment. When my mom approached me about wearing a tutu, I went running for the hills. That thing is NOT going on me, happily at least. Those things need to be left for Kaitlyn, not me.

Kaitlyn has been saying a lot of new words lately. Some of her favorites of course are Mama, Dada and Uh Oh. She is also beginning to show really good signs of wanting to stand and soon walk. She can now be left alone standing there all by her tiny little self. I like when she crawls around chasing me but I can't wait for her to be able to run. That is going to be so much fun.

That is going to wrap it up for the week. I need to be on high alert from mom trying to attack me with the tutu again. Maybe I can have my dad make me a fort tonight to protect me. Have a good weekend.

Happy early Mothers Day Mom from both Kaitlyn and I. We love you very much.


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