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A crib for two?

Written on June 30, 2008 by Kevin.

We made the decision recently to remove the Crib Tent from Kaitlyn's crib. We felt it was no longer necessary as we will be moving her to a big girl bed as soon as she is walking well. We removed the tent and gave Rylan a firm warning that he was to not throw any toys into her crib. We explained that she could stand on them, climb out and then fall and hit her head. He understood this and as of now, has not placed items into the crib.

My wife did however find the following situation a few days ago. Rylan has listened as to not throw toys into the crib but since we did not mention anything about him climbing in, he was fully interested in giving it a try. He mastered it while we slept with a light ear to the baby monitor. No abnormal sounds but sure enough, Rylan was in. They couldn't have been more happy sitting there together when she came in. When my wife woke up she heard Rylan saying "No Cry Kaitlyn. Mommy's coming." over and over. He apparently climbed into the crib to comfort her. He can be an amazing brother when he wants to be.


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