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Effects of gas prices..

Written on June 5, 2008 by Kevin.

Arizona has finally hit the $4.00 mark in gas prices. We luckily were one of the last states. It was just a few years ago that we had a gas shortage and when a few gas stations bumped themselves up to $3.00/gallon, people were furious. Now, the prices at $4.00, people just have to move on and deal with it.

The minivan that we drive is definitely not easy on the gas. Throw in the fact that we run the A/C to keep the kids cool, we go through it quickly. A full tank cost atleast $90.00 so I quickly learned some driving techniques to try and assist with the gas mileage. Unfortunately they don't seem to be helping much. The main thing that I now do is simply slow down. I have now become one of those drivers who drives the speed limit, rarely higher. When I clearly see that I am not able to get to the green light up ahead, I let off the gas and basically coast until it finally turns green again. This is done with no one around mind you.

What I have noticed though since changing my driving habits is that I am beginning to see other drivers going slower as well. I would be very curious to see if the accident statistics change as gas prices continue to increase. With people hopefully slowing down to conserve the precious gas, will there be fewer accidents? I can certainly welcome that result of the gas prices.

On a side note, I now get a good laugh when I see people flying by, only to get stopped at a red light. People weaving in and out of traffic now seem to be rare here and I can just tell everyone is looking at them funny as they whiz by throwing away the money. Personally, I would much rather spend our money elsewhere.


It's been 4 years since I moved out of the States and it's had it's pluses and minuses. The big minus is that a gallon of fuel in Europe costs around $8 per gallon (and that's pretty cheap!).

We are feeling the hurt here too, but there seems to be a greater degree of panic in the US then elsewhere. Not sure why exactly, because the US has always paid less and will continue to.

My car gets 35 miles per gallon... what does yours? (granted, it's the smallest thing you can find with 900 cl engine)

BONUS: I recently got my auto converted to run on natural gas. It runs me about $4 per gallon and I'm on cloud 9!

Written by Andre on Jun 8, 2008

Hi, I am currently in the UK and the prices at the pumps are 1.18 pounds a liter. Thats around $2.50 a liter then a gallon would be just over $10. The fuel costs are crippling. The thing is along time ago everyone has moved to smaller cars so the costs end up being comparable. Remember in the US you all have the option of down sizing whereas here we are up the creek with out a paddle. It's reached the point where I may have to give up the car for the dreaded public transport.

Written by piplaw on Jun 18, 2008

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