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Kaitlyn and her cupcake.

Written on June 23, 2008 by Kevin.

With Kaitlyn's birthday coming up in just under 2 weeks, we are trying to make sure we plan everything so it goes well. Over the year, we have noticed a good list of things that Kaitlyn appears to be allergic too but the big one of course was milk. We wondered what exactly we were going to do for her birthday cake if she couldn't handle it so we decided to do some testing(with the doctor aware).

We have been testing her with cupcakes at our local grocery store. They have a dairy free whipped topping that we can happily say that she does not appear to be allergic too. We tested a bit of it on her back and when that showed no bad signs, we let her devour a full cupcake. It was a mess but the pictures are priceless. For those looking at the picture and noticing her crazy hair, she was wearing pigtails that day and we had just taken them out. Her hair is long enough for the bows but too short to release the shape. She's a fun one.


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