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Rylan and the Chocolate Factory

Written on June 18, 2008 by Kevin.

Yesterday, I returned home early to help take care of Kaitlyn who was experiencing some crazy congestion, causing her to cough pretty violently. We took her to the doctor and then headed home to rest. Kaitlyn spent the rest of the day in a boogery state but otherwise in a good mood.

Since I was already home, we decided to make the best out of the day and give Kaitlyn a bit of a break by having Rylan and I head to our local chocolate factory. Yup, a real chocolate factory, here in Arizona. Rylan and I drove to the factory and waited a bit for the next tour to begin. I had a chance to show him a huge 500lb chocolate football display which he loved. He of course told me that he wanted to eat it. How long would it take you ask? Only 2 days according to Rylan.

The Cerreta Chocolate Co is family run, even after 70 years. While I was showing Rylan what I could before the tour started, one of the grandfathers came up and gave us a bit of caramel to try. As expected, Rylan loved it. The tour began but unfortunately it was nothing more than a lady speaking about the company over a, hard to understand, speaker system. No actual walk through which I found a bit disappointing. The tour did offer a few chocolate samples which Rylan certainly wasn't going to turn down. He did not like the chocolate covered lemon cream but loved the tiny cactus shaped chocolate.

We ended the visit by purchasing a few things. It's always fun to have Rylan pick out his own goodies. During our first visit, he asked for some soccer ball chocolates. The best they had were tiny football shaped ones. He was most satisfied with the 6 of them that he asked for. This time around, he went for a white chocolate covered pretzel stick. He sat patiently in the car waiting to dive into it. For likely the first time, he ate his chocolate slowly and meticulously.

We definitely had fun, despite not being about to actually walk around the factory. It is one of those places that the kids may grow up appreciating that they had near them. I imagine most kids cannot say the same.


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