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Sick but still cute..

Written on June 19, 2008 by Kevin.

Kaitlyn seems to have gotten a case of pink eye. We are not sure where she got it from but she is doing amazingly well. It must not be itching because she isn't rubbing her eyes. This should help minimize the chance of spreading it from one eye to the other. We are now having to be extra careful not to get it ourselves which is super fun.

This pink eye comes during the middle of her first cold. She was coughing a few days ago and the other day it became very mucousy sounding. She woke up the other morning and freaked Rylan out so much that he was yelling for their mother to come into their room quickly. Rylan was super worried because of the crazy coughs. Despite all of the times he has pushed Kaitlyn, he definitely seems to worry about her.

Kaitlyn almost managed her first year without a cold but this one sure has packed a punch. Even with the boogers covering her face and her red eye, she is still the cutest little girl, with a huge smile.


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