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To the top she goes..

Written on June 4, 2008 by Kevin.

There are little things that we notice that are different between Kaitlyn and Rylan at a certain age. At this time, Rylan was basically walking and while Kaitlyn is just about there, she still needs to take that first step. She has however mastered the art of climbing.

With Kaitlyn, we now have a 2 sets of the Parents Block Party blocks from Target. These seem to have really helped her with improving her climbing skills. These blocks are of different shapes and sizes and it gives her a good assortment of difficulty levels. She can just about climb onto any of them now without too much hassle. There have been many times now that we turn our head and she is sitting on top of her blocks with the biggest smile. She is able to slowly work herself down in many cases also which is a big relief.

Rylan of course loves the blocks for climbing but he also likes to make houses with them as well. This entails stacking multiple blocks on top of one another. Of course Kaitlyn sees this as a challenge. She is relentless on trying to get to the top. Except for the hands of mom or dad, nothing can stop her from getting to the top, not even short tumbles. She brushes herself off and heads back up.


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