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Visit to our local farm..

Written on June 9, 2008 by Kevin.

I am always trying to find affordable ways to spend our weekends. This is difficult, especially during the summer time when its already 110F early in the morning. I see many lists of great ideas however most of them just don't work here in Arizona. Where am I going to find a farm to go to? Well, it turns out I was wrong.

I came across a parenting website which had a calendar of events and it turns out there is a local farm just a few miles away that happened to be having their opening day over this past weekend. We made plans to check it out and try and fight off the heat.

Rylan was immediately excited when he saw the lady bug train. This was his first try on one of these and he loved every minute of it. They dragged us around a part of the farm and Rylan said 'Whoa!' the entire time. While there was not too many events for little kiddos, the picture below shows Kaitlyn having a great time.

We had a chance to grab up a few fresh foods which we will be sampling with Rylan soon. We wanted to pick our own vegetables but it was just too hot. We headed home before the kids melted to the ground.


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