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Week in Review

Written on June 6, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

There hasn't been too much going on this week however last night we had a bit of fun. My dad decided that we would make shaving cream artwork. He sprayed out a bunch of shaving cream into a dish and then he let me put food coloring in it. I spread it around and then we placed a piece of paper on it. I like pulling it off the foam and looking at the neat designs. Now we have a bunch of neat things to hang up on our bedroom walls. It was a fun project.

The rest of the night wasn't too fun though. Mom made dinner but I just wasn't going for it. To make matters worse, my mom made cupcakes to eat afterward but they were insisting that I had to eat some of my dinner before I was to get a cupcake. Boy that cupcake sure would have tasted yummy I bet. It even had pink frosting on it.

Mom and dad signed us up for a whole bunch of craft shows. We have one in 2 weeks which will be exciting. Last time they had this lemonade that I kept wanting. They also had the petting zoo which was neat to look at. I am pretty sure that they are coming back again.

Kaitlyn and I went swimming at our Grandma's house last weekend. It was Kaitlyn's first time swimming. We both had fun. Later, dad grilled up some burgers. Kaitlyn had a chance to try her first cupcake.

Speaking of treats, we headed to our local chocolate factory the other day. Unfortunately they weren't doing any tours that day but I got to choose some candy to buy. I went with the little chocolate footballs. I told my dad that I would like 6 of them, and he did just that. Mom got a chocolate covered cheesecake slice. I don't know what our dad was thinking when he bought and ate a chocolate covered jalapeno. Crazy dad.

Oh, our Grandpa just walked in the door. Time to go. Kaitlyn has to show Grandpa how she climbs over everything now. Have a good weekend.


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