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Week in Review

Written on June 13, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

We are now another week closer to Kaitlyn's birthday. Mom ordered her some really nice decorations and they came in this week. Everyone is pretty excited about the upcoming day. Kaitlyn is going to look super cute in her dress.

Let's see, we hung out at the farm last weekend which was pretty neat. It was super hot though which certainly was no fun. My dad took me into the petting zoo but I was not OK petting any of those crazy animals. They are very interesting to watch though, with a very careful eye.

For Fathers Day, we are heading over to my Aunt's house where we will be meeting up with my Grandpa. He is back in town from Washington so it's going to be exciting to see him. I think the plan is to have a BBQ and go swimming. Kaitlyn and I sure had a lot of fun when we went swimming at Grandma's house.

Kaitlyn took a first step the other day. Of course, she took one step, held for a moment and plopped to the ground. It's tough making that first and second step. I know she will be running around in no time though.

Dad made us a fort the other day and it really is fun. Yesterday, my mom caught Kaitlyn and I inside of it both giggling. She thought it was super funny. Little did she know that we were plotting a master plan of attack. Muhahah!

That's it. Have a good weekend everyone.


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