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Crib no more!

Written on July 28, 2008 by Kevin.

We made the decision to begin Kaitlyn on her big bed over the weekend. I put together the bed on Friday night and when the kids came downstairs it was waiting for them to see. I explained to both of them that it was Kaitlyn's bed and they were both excited. Rylan was thrilled that Kaitlyn got to have her own bed now just like his. Kaitlyn just wanted a bed that didn't have walls.

We planned this transition over the weekend in the case that she woke up all night, disoriented and decided to climb out of the bed. It worked well actually. She had a bit of a struggle that night falling asleep at first but this was mainly caused by Rylan throwing a fit of his own. This kept both of them up longer than necessary. The second night went much smoother though and they both went down pretty easily. She stays nicely on her bed until morning and then both of them play with their toy collection up stairs.

Why did we move her out of her safe crib at this point? For a couple reasons actually. Rylan continued to hop in the crib and we had concerns that he may bring toys in which would allow her to climb and in turn fall out of the crib. She is a great climber so even without the toys, we figured this may be a possibility. Her new bed is just like Rylan's and its the perfect size and height for the two of them. They each have short walls to keep them from rolling out but still very accessible to Kaitlyn's short legs.

Overall, it seems that Kaitlyn is going to transition into the big bed just as fast and well as Rylan did. We couldn't be more happy.


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