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Our little cleaners..

Written on July 30, 2008 by Kevin.

I don't know exactly what started this but I first noticed it with Rylan a few months ago. He would just randomly grab a wipe and start cleaning our television stand. Maybe he felt bad that he had made it so dirty with fingerprints and what have you. Kaitlyn has now followed behind him and they both will grab a wipe and clean away.

We are now using this to our advantage but not in a way to get out of chores ourselves. Rylan, and now Kaitlyn, find it fun to turn her glass bottles upside down causing the formula to drip out. Rylan has been known to drip an entire bottle dry, all over Kaitlyn before we noticed it. Rylan now gets to clean up the mess by using a wipe. This goes along with his normal naughty spot time that he gets. Kaitlyn turns the bottle upside down, gets a stiff warning and then sometimes does a bit of cleaning as well. Little do they know, they are learning something that they will simply hate in years to come.


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