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Time to call the bug man...

Written on July 15, 2008 by Kevin.

We live in a condo so we have neighbors to both sides of us. When the lady next store sold her place we were a bit worried as she was normally super quiet. The new seller however was not so quite. In fact, she began renting the place out to crowds of people that I would have preferred not to see. We managed to 'encourage' the first crowd out of there after a few months but the second set of people stuck around for quite a while. After many complaints, they finally packed up about a month ago. We were thrilled.

Life was well as they left. It was quiet at last but they had one last trick up their sleeves. Roaches. It turns out the place was a bit trashed (should have seen that one coming) and they likely had roaches because as they finally left, the rest of the units in our block of condos began seeing roaches as well. We were certainly surprised about our new unwanted guests. We began seeing a single roach from time to time in different parts of the house. We didn't even want to try and take care of this ourselves so we called an exterminator.

We wanted to make sure that whatever the exterminator sprayed down would be kid safe. We looked up some organic control methods and finalized on a company called Arizona Organic Pest Control. Their main form of control is with Diatomaceous earth and essential oils. Very safe and very interesting. Our front yard now smells like licorice which is certainly a lot better than your typical strong chemical smell. We are monitoring the situation closely to see how well these things are going to work. Let's hope it is as effective as they say it can be.


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