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Week in Review

Written on July 11, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well the most exciting thing this week for both of us was the birthday party. Kaitlyn of course looked super cute in her dress and then in her tutu. We had a lot of fun playing with Hayden. We all received very unique party favors. They are called I Spy bags and you have to find objects in a bag of rice. It's much neater in person than trying to describe it. Kaitlyn had a blast eating her cake as you could tell from the pictures. It was a very special day.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, she is walking really really well now. She had made a few steps prior to the party but after seeing her cousin Hayden walking, she picked up a few things and hasn't stopped now. It just took a bit of encouragement I figure. She can walk around the room with ease now. It won't be too long before she is running after me I bet.

Last night was pretty darn crazy. We went out to eat and had a few errands to run and when we came out of one store, it was pouring rain. I don't think we had ever seen this much rain come down so quickly. Our dad drove us to our next store and by the time we got in, we were soaked. Kaitlyn didn't appreciate being wet but I loved it. We eventually headed home and dad fought the flooded roads. Luckily we have a van which is a bit higher than other cars, like the ones that were stranded. It was so so crazy that I was yelling from the back seat, "Go Kevin Go Kevin!". We eventually ran over a manhole cover that had been moved off its spot. Talk about a loud thud. We made it home safely though which was good.

We have our monthly craft show coming up next Saturday so mom and dad are busy again at nights. When Kaitlyn and I go to sleep, they stay up working on bows and other stuff. They are working hard but it's coming along pretty nicely. Someday, Kaitlyn and I will have our own booth setup that features our wonderful artwork. They would certainly be best of show.


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