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Our little idol..

Written on August 13, 2008 by Kevin.

Rylan has made huge improvements recently in how well he talks and the words that he knows. He is now using these new skills to advance his singing career. It started with Mary Poppins' "Lets go fly a kite" and now has spread on to other songs including the happy birthday song. When we put in the Mary Poppins record, he tries to sing to just about every song now. Don't think he is only a singer, he also dances. In fact, Kaitlyn and Rylan have learned from one another and they both show great dancing skills. Kaitlyn has mastered the butt shake and arms flap dance. Rylan loves to run around while singing. It's definitely a site to be seen. They know how to put a smile on anyone and they love every minute of it.


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