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"Piggy Piggy!"

Written on August 11, 2008 by Kevin.

Let me rewind to about a year ago when we were working with Rylan and seeing if he was ready to be potty trained. He showed all of the signs of being ready so we figured we would give it a try. After a bit of work, he rushed over to his potty all on his own and went. He was rewarded with M&Ms which are his favorite. Ever since then, he has been basically afraid of the potty. We let the training go and grabbed ourselves another years worth of diapers.

A few months ago when we were at a baby expo, we saw the My Wee Friend product. The idea is that you place a black sticker in the bottom of the potty and when warm water hits it, a smiling face looks back at you in congratulations. Great, we thought Rylan may like this idea so we snatched one up (we are kicking ourselves for not getting one for Kaitlyn). We placed it in his potty, showed it to him and evaluated the situation. Rylan just wasn't too interested.

Now fast forward to this past week. It became apparent that Rylan's fear for the potty seemed to have gone away. I encouraged him to sit on the potty when I noticed him possibly going 1 or 2. Each time, he sat down after he had already gone. No big deal, it's an improvement that he is actually wanting to sit. Now on Saturday he surprised us all, all by himself he asked to sit down on the potty. He asked us to buckle up(close) the door. After a short bit he ran out with the biggest smile and was saying "Piggy Piggy!". Sure enough, he had his piggy smiling back at him. He didn't want the fun to end and he sat back down on the potty for a good 20+ minutes and just kept peeing bits more. When he told me that he had a big pee, I was a bit surprised when he decided to go 2 instead. Are you kidding me? 1 and 2 in the same day with very little persuasion or training? Great.

We ended up treating Rylan to some M&Ms, cookies and that night we headed out to Peter Piper Pizza. It was definitely his day and he knew it. He repeated his potty usage on Sunday with the same results. The only problem now is that he doesn't want to come off the potty. I think we can live with that for now.

For those interested in some more information on the My Wee Friend, here is a promotional video.


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