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Week in Review

Written on August 8, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Welcome to our soggy week in review. It was raining like cats and dogs outside last night. Kaitlyn got to listen to the rain hit the window as she fell asleep but I was already out when the storm blew in.

Overall its been a pretty fun week. I have been teaching Kaitlyn some bad things lately including how to dump out her formula and even showing her how to climb over the safety gate. Formula first, one day I dumped the entire bottle over her head by turning it upside down. Now she has learned the same thing. I am in so much trouble. Kaitlyn has been watching me climb over the safety gates so now I am in trouble for that too now.

I was warned that this day may come. I have begun my phase of asking what everything is. It's like I don't remember anything because I say "whats this" to everything, even things I already know about like green beans, mash potatoes and chicken. Our dad was telling me photography after I kept bugging him with questions.

Oh Oh, I got busted big time this week. I have been working super hard on trying to use the potty. Mom and dad have treats for me all lined up and I am very very anxious to dig into them but unfortunately I just can't earn them just yet. With that in mind, I played sneaky the other day and told them I wanted to go to the potty. After I went in and closed the door, I began opening my bag of cookies and tried to sneak them. Mom caught me though. Can't a boy get a bit of privacy around here?

Kaitlyn will be treated to her favorite this weekend when my dad makes his famous red beans and rice meal. Instead of rice, he makes it with quinoa which is super healthy food, and mighty tasty. She gobbles up a lot of this meal. In fact, she eats as much as mom and dad do. She is definitely in for a treat.

Kaitlyn has also surprised us by now trying to run. She just learned how to walk, like a month ago. She has also started saying new words including "Hi" and "dog". She is one smart cookie. I wonder what she will learn next. Maybe she will say "Rylan".

That will do it for this week. We may be heading over to our local pottery place to paint some pottery. Last time, it was an experience that we hope not to duplicate. We'll see how it goes. Have a good weekend.


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