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Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary

Written on September 11, 2008 by Kevin.

Did you know that the Cabbage Patch Kids have been around for 25 years now? Well they have and they are now releasing for a limited time, the original Cabbage Patch Kids. Yes, the ones you had when you were a kid. When I learned that I was to receive one pre-release, I was pretty excited. Kaitlyn already has a Cabbage Patch Kid but to have one like the original would be neat. We received the box a few weeks ago and decided that we would hold it for her until Christmas. In the meanwhile, it's sitting on the floor upstairs. When she noticed the package the other day, she sat in front of it, touched it and said "Ohhhhhhhh". I think she is going to be excited this Christmas when she actually gets to open it.

Check out the CPK anniversary site for more information.


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