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Written on September 23, 2008 by Kevin.

Each night as we are heading into bed ourselves, my wife and I check on the kids once more. We enjoy watching them as they sleep and are always curious about how they get into some positions. Kaitlyn is famous for getting all turned around while falling asleep. Rylan typically is tucked under his sheets but has been known to be sleeping in the bed next to Kaitlyn as well. No matter how they are laying, they of course look extremely sweet. After some difficult days of them just being terrible, it is nice to see them sleeping and quiet.

Lately as we have been checking on them, Rylan has been waking up slightly. I have found the perfect solution though to keeping him happy and heading back to sleep. I tell him to dream about Disneyland of course. He immediately gets a smile on his face. I tell him to think about Mickey and Goofy and the Princesses. He says "And Pete.". I tell him to think about the corn dogs, the pizza and the rides. He tells me in the cutest sleepy voice. "and popcorn too! I want to try." For Rylan, there is nothing better than dreaming about Disneyland and all that it offers. He is just aching to get back. Throughout the day it is not uncommon to hear him say "Mommy. Go. To. Disneyland.". For now, he will have to keep it in his dreams.


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