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Gone missing..

Written on September 2, 2008 by Kevin.

Many parents seem to have troubles weaning their child off of their wonderful pacifier. The item that is the center of every photo ever taken of the child. Like Rylan, we did not have any intention of giving Kaitlyn a pacifier at first. The time came though that it was the only thing that would soothe her so we dropped our rule and gave it to her. The fun began at that moment. You swap a crying baby for a needy baby. If you misplace that pacifier, expect hell to be paid.

We returned home a few weeks ago and put the kids to bed. My wife asked me where Kaitlyn's pacifier was and I responded that I did not know. We both scoured the downstairs looking and looking but it was not to be found. We tentatively put Kaitlyn to sleep without her pacifier and prepared for a cry fest. We indeed did get a night of crying but as expected, the days went by and the crying subsided. It has now been a few weeks without the pacifier. We couldn't be happier. Trying to keep tabs on that pesky pacifier and make sure it doesn't hit the floor, I certainly do not miss.

We have yet to find the pacifier after turning the house upside down. We have no intention of looking through the van for it. We do need to find it before Kaitlyn does however. I cannot imagine the look on her face if she finds it one day. The roller coaster of emotion when she found it and then when we took back away would be heart breaking for everyone.


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