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Week in Review

Written on September 26, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

We are one more week closer to when my Grandma and Grandpa come back home from Seattle. Kaitlyn and I have been working hard making artwork for them and we have our popular red beans and quinoa meal all planned out. We can't wait.

This week has been full of trips to the library. We picked up a bunch of new movies to check out. Mom and dad like showing us some of the movies that they used to watch. The library has so many cool movies. Kaitlyn and I have had fun at the play tables. They have a bunch of puzzles and those bead toys. Kaitlyn still needs work but I have mastered them and they are a bunch of fun. Kaitlyn had a fun time standing on the table and dancing. She is really embarrassing sometimes but I still love her.

The weather here has finally started to get a bit cooler. While it's not cool enough to go outside during the day, it's getting there. Kaitlyn and I can't wait to get outside and ride on our tricycles. They have been sitting and collecting dust. Kaitlyn got her tricycle for her birthday and it even has her name on a license plate. That is so cool.

Earlier this week we head to the Phoenix CoyoteFest which is an event they have at the hockey arena for people to see the team practice. It was fun. Kaitlyn and I went down to the glass and were waving. A puck went flying over the glass and through the net. Dad tracked it down and got it for us. Its an official practice puck, yay! We got in there and found a seat, moments later one of the players hit the puck so hard at the glass that it broke! It was amazing. Our dad will certainly be getting some photos up next week.

That's gonna wrap it up. Have a good weekend everyone.


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