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Kaitlyn's Recap

Written on October 8, 2008 by Kevin.

Kaitlyn over the past couple of days has been digging in her ear. It was very noticeable that something was bothering her. We believed that she may have an ear infection so we scheduled her an appointment to get checked out. While there, we took care of her 15month checkup. Both went well and it turned out that she had a huge chunk of ear wax in that one ear that was causing her to go digging. The recommendation of the doctor? Don't use Q-tips as they just push wax farther in and it results in a build up. Good enough for us.

While we were out, we headed to the lab to get Kaitlyn's blood work necessary to confirm her suspected allergies. We are hoping that this can drill down exactly what she has and how severe. Testing can be only 60% accurate so anything that helps prove or disprove the allergy we are definitely needing to know. We should know the results in a few days. Kaitlyn did very well getting her blood drawn for the first time. The woman had a difficult time finding the vein and Kaitlyn was strong while she went through the torture. I applaud her.

On a positive note, I found a list of "safe" Halloween candy that the kids will be able to try this year. The list can be viewed here.


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