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Our Challenger Space Center Visit

Written on October 2, 2008 by Kevin.

Last Saturday was official Museum Day in which some of the well known museums around the nation opened their doors for free. We have taken the kids to a few different museums over the years but this year I noticed the Challenger Space Center was on the list. This was a museum that they opened near us a while back and I had been wanting to visit it for years now.

This museum focuses on explaining space exploration including the failed missions that have happened over the years. We went in thinking it would be a great place to spend the morning with the kids grandmother. After arriving and checking in, we began the tour. The tour was extremely slow & boring due to the tour guide. After trying to bare it, we eventually broke off from the group and tried to find something fun to do. Unfortunately there really was nothing to do. There were few things for the kids to get their hands on and play with. They were however doing Alka Seltzer rockets as we were leaving. The kids had fun at the gift shop and earned themselves a few goodies for being good while we were there.

Overall, I would recommend a visit to this place if your kids are a bit older and into space exploration. Young children will find few things to do.


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