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Pumpkin Poop? Yup.

Written on October 14, 2008 by Kevin.

At our last craft show, Rylan really enjoyed his pumpkin poop when we found it. For those who don't now, it's a gag gift great for the holidays. It includes a small bag of candies with a funny poem talking about the pumpkins poop. We decided that to help include him in the shows himself, we would let him make his own pumpkin poops and other characters too. To help improve his skills, he is going to be selling them as well. The kids will be splitting all money made. I think they are going to clean house.

On a side note, as I was organizing some M&Ms I came across one that had a skull imprinted on it. As I told my wife that I was now cursed, some stuff randomly fell in the other room. If you want to bid on that cursed M&M, check it out here.


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