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Rylan's 3rd Birthday

Written on October 21, 2008 by Kevin.

Rylan's birthday party was on Saturday and it went very well. We had everyone over for a Mario themed party which Rylan had picked out. This birthday, we served cheese-less pizza which when done right isn't bad. We also made a special allergy safe cake which resembled a Goomba from the Mario games. Rylan loved it. He had an amazing mountain of toys to open but initially he was quite happy with his first gift, a Playdoh set. He wanted to stop there and just play with that. We got him back on track and he opened some amazing gifts from everyone. You could tell he was having a great time. He is a professional now when it comes to birthdays. When we served the cake, he blew out the candles before anyone could begin to watch him. We didn't even get a photo or video of it. Like birthdays before, he dug into the cake early by trying the eat the Goomba's face. I think he is counting down the days before his next birthday.


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