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Rylan's First Craft Show

Written on October 22, 2008 by Kevin.

Rylan has come to each of our craft shows that we have attended but this craft show was different. This was his first show that he was selling his own item. His Halloween poops were a big hit as we expected. He sold 27 of them which he happily split the money with Kaitlyn. He took the money very well and even gave recommendations as to which poop for people to buy. He was a bit of a hard salesmen at times though.

This craft show was on Saturday which was the same as his Birthday. I woke him up at 7:00am so we could head out and setup. He did amazingly well the entire day. He acted really good for being stuck in basically a 10x10' spot. It was just Rylan and I so there was definitely a chance of big problems to occur. We packed him up a bunch of treats, lunch and crafts for him to stay focused on. It worked even with the sun beating down on us.

We headed back home after the show and prepared for his Birthday party. It was a long day but he very well at holding himself together.


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