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Week in Review

Written on October 3, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This has been a pretty fun week for the both of us. Just last night, we went to a small festival they are having down the street. Kaitlyn was a bit young to go on most of the rides but I had the chance to go down the Super Slide! My dad and I walked all the way up to the top and got ourselves positioned. We waved to Kaitlyn and Mom and then slid down as fast as we could. My butt was flying! It was super super fun. We went on it one more time after that. We all walked around the rest of the festival and decided on trying the mirror house. It was the first time Kaitlyn and I had gone in one of these and boy was it painful. I walked full speed into the plastic window. I didn't even see it! To make matters worse, I turned around and walked into another one right after that. Ouch.Kaitlyn was lucky because she had mom holding her. We wrapped up the night by trying to win a humongous Wario doll by playing the ring toss game. We didn't win though which is a bummer because he would have worked perfectly for my birthday party coming up. Shucks.

Well as our dad said, our visit to the Challenger Space Center wasn't much fun. Kaitlyn and I did have fun when we had lunch with grandma and Scott though. I can't remember what Kaitlyn had but I had a hot dog. We all had ice cream after wards as well except for Kaitlyn which stinks. Luckily though, we have now found some tasty ice cream that we all like and we can all eat. Its a rice milk ice cream and it's pretty darn yummy.

Kaitlyn and I are super excited because tomorrow our grandma and grandpa will be coming over. They have been out of town since May so we are very anxious to see them. Dad is making his famous red beans and quinoa meal. I get to show off my Mario Party playing skills.

Yesterday was a really fun day. Mom and I played Mario Party a whole bunch but before that, we made a cake! We make our cakes safe for Kaitlyn so there was no cracking eggs or anything tough. I got to pour the soda into the mix. Mom gave me a bit of soda too that I sipped on for a long time. I got to help clean the mixing spoon by eating off of it! Kaitlyn enjoyed the cake when it was all done. She made a mess though.

Kaitlyn and I have been helping clean the house lately but we have some work to do before the grandparents come over. This is going to wrap it up. Have a good weekend.


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