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Week in Review

Written on October 10, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Craft show season is in full effect around here. Our mom has 3 shows just this month so the house is buzzing with bows. Kaitlyn is happily wearing new bows as mom makes extras. She has been wearing a few Halloween bows lately which look super cute on her. She doesn't even try to take them off any longer. I have been helping mom make bows when I can but mostly I like to play in my craft box. It has the neatest things in it.

Our dad recently read that chiropractors can sometimes help with people with food allergies. We have decided to start going back to the chiropractor and see if they can help Kaitlyn out. Her blood tests came back positive for peanuts, eggs, milk and soy. The doctor has been working with her a few times this week and we plan on going back regularly. They seem confident that they can help her out. I get adjusted as well when I go which at first was a bit alarming but this last time was just fine.

Grandma and Grandpa came back into town from Washington and we had them over this last weekend. I showed them my Mario Party Wii skills and we all had dinner. Dad's famous Red Beans and Quinoa. Yummy Yummy.

Oh ya before I forget. Mom and dad tracked down some very tasty chocolate candy that Kaitlyn can eat. In fact, we bought some of the chocolate and some cookies too. The cookies were yummy but the chocolate bar was most delicious. Kaitlyn is a very happy girl when she has the chocolate. I know mom and dad are happy that they can give her a nice treat that is safe for her. Speaking of treats, Halloween is right around the corner and mom is coming up with some safe treat recipes for us. We cannot wait!

Time is running out, I need to get back to work. A craft show starts tomorrow and we all need to be ready. We are meeting Grandma and Grandpa there this time! Yippy! Have a great weekend.


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