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Week in Review

Written on October 31, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Happy Halloween!

It has been another fun week for us over here. We went to a church Halloween event and Kaitlyn got to show off her outfit that our mom made. We received a lot of compliments and a lot of candy too. They were doing carnival games which I got to play and I did really well. I threw 2 ping pongs into some bowls and they said that was the most anyone had made in. We walked away from each booth with gobs of candy. We participated in their costume parade too and you could tell everyone loved Kaitlyn's outfit. She really looked cute. We finished up the night by doing a bit of trunk'or'treating.

Mom has been working her new sewing machine by making us stuffed monster dolls. They are super cute and cushy. She has been making Kaitlyn so many dresses it's amazing. I helped her make me some pants yesterday too. Momma has the sewing bug now.

Last night we went to the Phoenix Coyotes game. It had been a while since we had gone to a game and this was Kaitlyn's first. She was a bit of a trouble at times but with the proper distractions we made it through the entire game. The Coyotes won!

Tonight we are heading out to our grandpa's house first and then going over to our grandma's for a bit of trick'or'treating. This year I really know what's going on and I am super excited. I am a bit worried about being scared though. Kaitlyn starts to cry when she gets scared which is no fun. Daddy scared us the other day by showing one of his old Halloween masks. He said he was going to eat us. Too scary!

Have a safe Halloween everyone. For those worried about Kaitlyn's allergies, mom is actually swapping all of our candy out with safe candy. We both really like Smarties.


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