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Another attempt at potty training..

Written on November 18, 2008 by Kevin.

On Sunday evening we took the kids out and let them decide what they wanted to spend their money on. Rylan purchased a Play-Doh set and he immediately wanted to go home to play with it. His mom took advantage of his excitement and offered a big big big Play-Doh set if he was a big boy and used the potty in addition to wearing underwear. He got the biggest smile on his face and was super excited about this big big big Play-Doh set. It was late so we took them up to bed.

Yesterday morning he woke up and he immediately knew that it was his day to shine. He was super excited about using the potty and wearing underwear. He has never liked wearing underwear so this was a huge improvement. He picked out which underwear he wanted to wear and he never looked back. He used the potty the entire day. He did have an expected accident when we drove 30mins in the car. It was minor though and we were prepared with new clothing. He used the potty the rest of the evening all the way until he fell asleep and as we explained where his potty would be during the night he seemed to fully grasp the idea.

Fast forward to this morning and he did exactly as he was told. He didn't pee at all during the night and made his potty trip after he woke up. He did amazing.

I have to admit that while Rylan was 75% potty trained before, we slacked and fell back to diapers. Rylan though appears to ready to go now and we think this may be the time it will stick. Rylan does have a few additional demands however. He now is asking for a Play-Doh set, an iced coffee and a Coke. He drives a hard bargain but I think the trade off is worth it.


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