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The Secret Mountain Books

Written on November 20, 2008 by Kevin.

I was recently offered a few illustrated storybooks, each of which comes with a CD that matches the story perfectly. These are from the publishing group, The Secret Mountain, which many of their titles have won prestigious awards.

We sat down with the kids a few days ago and read each of the 3 books provided. They were great. Kaitlyn is a tough critic but Rylan was focused on the story and loved the music to go with it. Kaitlyn can't help it and she dances to just about any music so she had a blast with that part of it. I think Rylan liked the Down at the Sea Hotel the most. I like any book that is able to keep the kids attention. It is not uncommon to be given a book to read and once started, they just walk away. This didn't happen with the books we read so we were certainly pleased. The illustrations were very well drawn and Rylan liked pointing out random things on the pages.

If you are shopping for books this season I would certainly recommend taking a look at the Secret Mountain books. They have a large catalogue definitely worth checking out. I know my wife already has some additional books picked.


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