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Week in Review

Written on November 7, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Mom has been a bit under the weather this week so I have been helping her. Yesterday I let her lay down on my stomach to rest. Kaitlyn came over a second later and tried to lay down as well. It was cute. She has some medicine to try and I think she will begin feeling well soon.

So Halloween was last Friday and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately that means now all of the stores are getting rid of their scary stuff. I loved going to all of these stores looking through their scary guys. Kaitlyn was just confused by them. She never looked scared.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, she is still doing really well at learning new words. She yelled out hot dog the other day and it made everyone laugh. She knows a bunch of other words too that I just cant' remember now. My memory is effected by all of the dancing and jumping around we do. We love dancing and Kaitlyn I have to say is much better than I am. She does take some of my dance moves though which is pretty funny.

Kaitlyn and I have been helping mom prepare for the next craft show. I worked with her yesterday on some ideas for her clay sculptures. She made Yo Gabba Gabba characters and they look great. We have also been testing her new stuffed monsters that she was making. We like ours a lot so we think others will too.

We have more dancing to get to. Have a good weekend everyone.


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