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Week in Review

Written on November 14, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn and I have a big day of decorating ahead of us. We will be having a small Thanksgiving event this year at our house so we are helping by decorating the table. I am sure that our dad will take some pictures to show everyone.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we made some more bags of poop for the craft show this weekend. This time around they are Thanksgiving themed and we kept it simple by only doing scarecrow and turkey poops. We are hoping that they sell really well because Kaitlyn and I like going to the store and deciding what the perfect toy to buy is. This craft show sounds like it's going to be pretty fun. They are having a firetruck and a whole bunch of other stuff. Kaitlyn and I have never seen a firetruck up close so it should be pretty fun. As my dad would say, it's a great photo op.

Well Kaitlyn has been surprising us with her new words she has been saying. Just today she said "butt" and a bit ago she was heard saying "I'm done". She does great at mimicking so she is learning a lot of things from me such as ways to dance and words to say. I like being a big brother. I really like it when Kaitlyn hugs me and I think she likes it when I hug her too. Oh man, as I am writing this, she just said "pretty". She really is a pretty girl.

To wrap things up, the big thing for me this week has been that I have been playing Mario Baseball on the Wii. I had a chance to try it when we went into GameStop the other day and now yesterday I played a bit more at home with mom. I am really good at pitching and I do pretty well at hitting as well. I am still working through it all and trying to learn. Mom and dad bought another game called My Aquarium. They bought it for me so I could have a virtual fish tank on the TV. I got to choose everything about it and now I get to watch the fish swim around. I even get to tap on the glass and make them dance. It's fun.

That's gonna finish it up for this week in review. Have a great weekend everyone, it should be a good one.


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