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Potty Training Update

Written on December 1, 2008 by Kevin.

** Disclaimer ** This post may be gross to some.

Rylan is now wrapping up his second week of being potty trained. It was very clear that he was determined to master the skills and he has shown us that he is a big boy now. We ran into a sick day a few days after starting and then last week he went through a day where he just didn't want to go but otherwise things have gone very very well.

He seems to have very good body control and when we are driving down the road and he tells us that he needs to go potty, he is able to hold it until we either pull over or end at our destination. There are times when he knocks it out right when he gets on the pot, and others when we are sitting there for 10 minutes without a drop. Then there are times like Saturday night.

All of us took a trip down to a nearby event and on our way back Rylan explained that he needed to go poop. This was great to hear because he doesn't seem to like to go and seems to hold it in instead. In fact, he went about 4+ days without going poop so when we heard that he needed to go, we rushed back to the car. Rylan though wasn't in a rush. I set his potty in the front seat as usual, plopped him down and let him work his business. I'll just say that he went 4+ days without a poop but Saturday night was the night to let it all out. As I stood outside the car with the doors shut and my wife and Kaitlyn inside with him, he dropped 10 poops in 30 minutes. As I opened the door to check on him, he would tell me to shut the door because he wasn't done. I gladly did it because the insides of that van smelled so badly. I could only laugh at the 3 of them stuck in there.


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