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Week in Review

Written on December 5, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well last weekend was the big shopping weekend. Dad stayed outside of Target all night to get a few things. He was the 5th person in line and never really went to sleep that night. He looked pretty dead in the morning. Speaking of shopping, my mom had a huge craft show that weekend as well. As expected, the shoppers weren't there because of everyone's money problems. I think they did ok though, just not as well as they would have wanted. We have another one this weekend so we are hopeful it will be a good one. Kaitlyn and I will be selling our Christmas poops this time so that should be fun.

We tried to go to our little downtown area where they were having an event going on. It was so packed that we drove around for 20 minutes and never found a place to park. We ended up parking at the chocolate factory about a half mile away. I got to choose a few things and dad bought a chocolate covered jalapeno. He has had one before but this one was really spicy because he was having troubles. He was even having hiccups. It was funny. The rest of the event was pretty good. Kaitlyn had a lot of fun watching the dogs. There were so many of them.

Oh how could we forget. Kaitlyn and I have been eating the special cookies that Grandma Debra made for Thanksgiving. They were perfectly safe and perfectly yummy. Mom knows the recipe so I think we will be asking for these more often. Yum Yum.

Christmas is only 20 days away. We cannot wait! Mom put the tree up the other night and when we came downstairs in the morning, Kaitlyn and I were shocked. We sat next to it for hours before we decided to move elsewhere. She did a really good job and we can't wait for it to be filled with gifts for good boys and girls. I think we are on that list.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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