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Week in Review

Written on December 19, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well this week hasn't been too eventful for either of us. We have just been preparing for Christmas that's coming up and just making sure we have everything needed.

Mom has been treating Kaitlyn and I to some new things lately. With her new sewing machine she has been making cute things for the both of us. We are so proud of her and proudly wear everything she makes. She has made our Christmas outfits this year and a really cute outfit for Kaitlyn to wear this Sunday when we celebrate Christmas with part of the family. I think our cousin Hayden will really like his gifts a lot.

Let's see... We have our final craft show for the season tomorrow. Hopefully people will want to pick up a few quick stocking stuffers at our table. I know Kaitlyn sure loves her bows a lot. She even wakes up in the morning and asks for her bows. Oh speaking of Kaitlyn, with the money she has made from the Christmas poops, she bought a pair of twin dolls. It's a boy and a girl. I tried to talk her out of them but she insisted. She loves those babies so much. She is definitely a girly girl.

Oh I almost forgot.. I turned around last night and I saw dad sewing. In fact, per our request he sewed mom a special Christmas gift. He was sewing someone else a special gift though this time. I don't want to give it away but I think that this person will really appreciate the gift and be amazed at his work. Who knew my dad could sew? We did! He's our dad and he can do anything!

Oh Kaitlyn is trying to pick at the gifts under the tree. I need to stop her. That's gonna wrap it up for the week. Have a great weekend and happy holidays everyone.


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