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Week in Review

Written on December 26, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Wow Kaitlyn and I sure made out this Christmas. We had so many gift opening events and dinners it was hard to take them all in. We started last Sunday at our cousin Hayden's house. We gave him some handmade items and his soon to be sister as well. We got some great things too. My grandma and grandpa got my Dad and I matching slippers. They are clogs and we sure look funny in them.

Christmas Eve was celebrated with our mom's father's side of the family. I think my favorite gift were the numerous remote control cars that I got. They are really fun. Kaitlyn got a bunch of movies and even a dog Wii game. She is going to have a lot of fun with that.

On Christmas Day we were awoken by our Grandma. She definitely surprised us. We headed downstairs to start opening all of the gifts. There are so many great things that we received it's hard to tell you them all. When we were all done opening the gifts, dad surprised us with one last big gift. It was a gift for both Kaitlyn and I. It was a cooker! I had been asking for one of these all year! Our very own kitchen. Now we can make mom and dad cookies and sandwiches and a whole bunch of other foods. Kaitlyn and I love it.

We wrapped up Christmas evening by heading over to Grandma's house. We opened even more gifts while dad cooked a big meal. It turned out well even though I didn't eat any of it. Kaitlyn sure liked it though. Papa Fredrick and Grandma Tina showed up as well and that was nice. Overall it was a super great Christmas. How fast does the next Christmas come?

I cannot even concentrate on what we may have done this week other than celebrate the holiday. We have been a busy bunch though. We hope everyone's holiday went as well as ours. Have a great weekend everyone.


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