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Bento Box fun.

Written on January 12, 2009 by Kevin.

I learned about bento boxes a while ago and was very interested in them. For those who don't know, in the most simple form, they are meals in a box. They are portioned out to encourage healthy eating while not overeating. I thought it would be a great idea to get the kids started on these young. Making the meals fun by turning basic rice into molded shapes is just a bonus.

Last week we were on a hunt for some of these boxes. We spent last Monday driving to each of our small selection of Asian markets. We found a few great stores but never found any boxes. We waited until Thursday to check out the shop right next to our place and they knew exactly what I was looking for while the other stores did not. We picked up a few boxes at a reasonable price. We were surprised that the prices even beat those on EBay. We headed back to another Asian store we have previously gone to so that we could pick Rylan up some trainer chopsticks. While there we found the same boxes. Apparently we totally missed them in the huge assortment of plastic goods. For those worried, these plastics actually come from Japan rather than China and show a safe plastic number.

We made Rylan and Kaitlyn a box the other night for the next day and from the picture below, you can see just how happy Rylan was. Kaitlyn was just as excited but the picture we had taken just didn't turn out. Rylan ended up getting different chopsticks than we had originally purchased and he is doing quite well with them. They are trainer sticks that he loves to pick tiny chocolate chips up with. Kaitlyn loves picking at all of the goodies with her hands at the moment.

I think that these will be great to encourage an assortment of foods for the kids. We have already tried a few new things and will continue to do so. These boxes will work great for Kaitlyn so she can have a very safe meal when we are out eating or with the grandparents. Sure we could do this with basic Tupperware but where is the fun in that? Bento boxes definitely get our approval.


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