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One benefit.. and cross contamination..

Written on January 22, 2009 by Kevin.

There is definitely one benefit of having a member of the family with a severe peanut allergies and that is not having to worry about the salmonella outbreaks that seem to effect peanuts every so often. Sure its possible that sunflower seed butter could become a carrier someday but with extensive testing that the brand Sunbutter does, we can feel safer.

On to cross contamination.. Yesterday I fasted for nearly 20 hours in prep for some blood work that was needed. I was at a point where I just needed food to regain my energy rather than fill my hunger. We packed Kaitlyn a bento box and headed out. I had my blood work finished and we decided to hit up the local buffet so I could have all the food I needed. We are always very cautious about eating out of the house and always prepare Kaitlyn her own food. There is absolutely no way that anyone with severe allergies would be able to eat a buffet due to people cross contaminating just about everything. A great example is the food manager using a thermometer to verify the right temperature of food but going from item to item without using a new clean reader. Everyday our eyes are opened more wide about how much of a problem these allergies can be to deal with. We find new things that are safe for Kaitlyn but realize now that as she gets older we will be unable to go out. She clearly wants our food and not her bento box. This is fully understandable. We will be eating at home even more now.


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