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Week in review

Written on January 16, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another week has come and gone. Definitely the best news is that we have a new cousin. She was born on Tuesday. We went over to her house last night to bring over some food that Dad made. She's a cutey but Kaitlyn and I were more interested in playing with Hayden's toys. Kaitlyn did give her a couple kisses though. Our mom has already given the new baby Mackenzie a whole bunch of hair bows. She is getting a whole bunch more soon because of the CPSIA. She has a pretty good amount of hair already so hopefully it comes in fast.

Oh ya. Kaitlyn and I have been making bread this week. In fact, we brought a loaf over to our Aunt and Uncle's house last night with dad's meal. We make tiny little loaves that are pretty good. We get to put all of the ingredients into a plastic bag and mix it up. Then mom gets to knead it and put it into the pans. They really make the perfect size loaves for us. Kaitlyn says that they are pretty darn cute.

Oh wow. Our house has been overflowing with muffins lately. Ever since Christmas when mom and dad made a bunch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in fact. They made a bunch for people at our dad's work. They are super super tasty and we all can't get enough of them. It seems like we are making a few dozen batches a week. Did I mention how tasty they are? Yummy!

Oh well we can't forget to mention that there was a shooting just about outside our house the other night. As dad was driving us through our area, they heard a bang and as we turned around a corner there were more bangs. Dad says that we were about 3 seconds from being in the crossfire. Luckily there was a place for dad to quickly turn so that we could avoid everything. There were so many police men in front of our area and in the back too. It was some crazy stuff.

I think that's about it for now. Have a good weekend everyone. We have a few things planned but nothing too special.


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