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Week in Review

Written on January 30, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well this week has been a week of temper tantrums. Kaitlyn has been just fine but I have been ready for a melt down at any moment. I don't know what's going on but it really isn't fun. It's almost like I am not in control of my own body. I certainly have been wearing out my naughty spot with no signs of it all ending...

We had a fun night last night when we met up with all of moms aunt's, uncles and her grandmother too. We went to Jason's Deli which is definitely one of our favorite places to go. We had a good time seeing all of the relatives that we do not typically get to see. I had a lot of fun running around the table while Kaitlyn sat in her high chair trying to stick it through her sickness. She still has a cough and runny nose.

This morning dad was there to say hello. He decided to stay in a bit to make sure Kaitlyn was ok. He took off for work a bit ago and now Kaitlyn is at the window yelling "Daddy. Daddy.". It's always exciting to see him get out of the van and unlock the door. It's nice to see him come home. He always gives great hugs and kisses.

To wrap things up for the week. Mom had been playing one of her Wii games for a while now and all of a sudden her information was all gone. Dad doesn't think it was him so it must have been me. I did sell her turnips that she had on the game so they think it was me that deleted her information. She is definitely not happy about having to start all over again. Needless to say, the Wii has been locked down which is a real bummer.

We have a big weekend ahead of us with a lot of visitors so we need to get the house all ready for them. Have a good weekend everyone. Oh by the way, for those curious, our dad's blood work came back OK. Yippy.


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