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Week in Review , sorta

Written on January 9, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well let me think of what Kaitlyn and I did this week. This week seemed to go by pretty quickly even though we didn't do much. Kaitlyn can't really think of what we did either so I guess we will talk about what we are going to do this weekend.

Mom has been talking to me about baking our own bread. I think the plan is for mom and I to make that together. It will be a special project just for the two of us. Depending how the bread turns out, we are going to make a second loaf and give it to our Aunt Jenette who is due to have her baby any moment. We are going to make a big feast and then throw in the homemade bread too. I think it will turn out really good. I love to watch the cooking television channel. Mom and dad think I will become a famous chef.

We are really anxious to see our new cousin. Kaitlyn and I both think that she will come this weekend. We gave the new baby a few Christmas presents that will take some time to grow into but they sure were nice.

Oh ya, grandpa wants to come over this weekend and go out to lunch with us. We are going to our favorite place called Jason's Deli which has the bestest hotdogs and pizza for the kiddos. Kaitlyn will fine dine on a bento box that mom will put together. More on that in another post.

Ya know, Kaitlyn and I need to make something of this week while its still here. I think we will go do some dancing and singing after Dad gets home. He will like that.


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