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WeekYear in Review

Written on January 2, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Happy New Year! The Year 2008 was a big one for the both of us. Definitely the highlight for Kaitlyn was learning to walk. Mine of course was getting out of diapers and onto the big boy potty.

As a family, we learned just how severe Kaitlyn's allergies are. Peanuts, dairy, soy and eggs are not easy to avoid but we are working hard to keep them out of our house. Just yesterday, dad made pancakes for the first time since learning of the allergies. They turned out pretty well despite not having milk or eggs. Of course the added chocolate chips didn't hurt.

This year brought us the addition of quinoa into our diet. In fact, it's probably our favorite food right now. We seem to use it at least once per week. Dad made our favorite red beans and quinoa meal that he adapted for us. He took it one step further by making little fritter/latke style pieces for Kaitlyn to have while we are out. He baked them up and they are now the perfect hand held food for us. Mom and dad are having to make/modify their recipes so things will work safely for us all. Dad has deemed himself the quinoa king which we think is pretty funny.

Mom started a home business that originally was making hair bows and now has expanded into clothing too. We participated in a lot of craft shows and while it's hard waking up so early in the morning, it was fun for the most part. Next year with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in place, things will be changing though. No longer will my mom's stuff be able to be bought by/for young girls. Instead she is having to adapt her products for a much older crowd. Only time will tell how this affects things.

Kaitlyn and I are looking forward to all of the new projects that mom and dad have for us. New recipes I'm sure as well. I know Kaitlyn is looking forward to the new hair bow designs that mom can come up with. As for me, I am looking to fine tuning my Wii playing skills.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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